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Designers: Henadij Zarechnjuk supported Viktor Kharyk

The famous Homenko headset, which in Soviet Union times introduced the Narbut tradition of fonts with asymmetrical serif, was completed in 1965 by Vasyl Khomenko (1912-1984), a famous graphic artist. For a long time it's been the only assembly headset with the Ukrainian character and sometimes was also used in decols for design needs.

The modern electronic version has been processed and developed by Gennadiy Zarechnyuk. It has been transformed into a full quality font family that meets modern requirements. The font perfectly suits typesetting texts, is well-read in small sizes, and due to a distinct character can be successfully applied in jobbing printing. The suggested "standard" version contains characters of code page Cyrillic 1251, that gracefully enables you to work with Ukrainian Bulgarian, Serbian, Belarusian or Russian texts.

Khomenkivska - Regular $25
Khomenkivska - Bold $25
Khomenkivska - Italic $25
Khomenkivska - Bold Italic $25
Khomenkivska - Family $90